If you manage a recruitment agency,
then do it in a good way!

What a recruitment agency actually does

On the labour market in Germany are many job vacancies, which are waiting for an optimal occupation. The vacancies are ranging from highly skilled employees to temporary workers.
The workers do want a job suitable to their qualifications with an adequate salary, attractive contractual conditions and fair employment conditions on one hand. There are on the other hands the companies. They usually are looking for candidates who are not only qualified but also fit into the company; therefore they will be integrated smoothly into the daily business and the staff.

This is where the recruitment agency comes into play.

Companies announce often their vacancies through recruitment agencies where they can save themselves the effort to identify the appropriate candidates among the inappropriate candidates. Therefore, for the employees are numerous opportunities not accessible, if they take the matters into one’s own hands. We are the point of intersection between the companies and the job market, where we represent both sides with reasonable care. That is why we only organise interviews, when we are sure to be in agreement of both parties in advance.

Competence in recruitment

Particularly important for a recruitment agency is the restriction to a certain business field or an industry. As a result we have the possibility to adjust to the characteristics of the particular sectors and we can ensure advice at its best.
Because: If you have a lot of knowledge and experience in a particular sector is more valuable than having only a little knowledge and experience about everything.
We focus on technical crafts in accordance to this principle. We have an expertise with which we know the things which are important to the candidates and to the customers and we know the requirements to take into account when we place a job. For example, we can recognize the strengths or weaknesses of our applicants at an early stage and specialise the search. The strengths used in the right place offer promising aspects for all the parties which are involved.

We offer our clients:

Personal assistance

A strong network of candidates

Individual solutions

Knowledge about the regional market

Technical know-how

Attractive and customer-focussed conditions for finding an employment

A professional candidate management

Nationwide help in for finding an employment

We offer our candidates:

Saving of costs and time

Performance-linked wages as well as Christmas allowance and holiday allowance

Privacy and confidentiality

Trustfulness and reassurance

A fixed contact person

Less frustration

After-care after successful placement

Application when in permanent position

We are specialized in the following sectors, which we occupy with professional staff:

Electrical engineering

Heating, sanitary engineering and refrigeration

Air conditioning and ventilation engineering

Pipeline construction

Welding engineering